Is upgrading your IT a New Years resolution?

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Is upgrading your IT a New Years resolution?

4 reasons to add an IT assessment to your list!

The start of the year is a great time to review and improve your online habits. The first step: Enquire about a free IT Assessment with itro. 

Book your Free IT Assessment today:

Call 1800 10 3000, email [email protected] or fill out a form to book your IT Assessment in to ensure your business is ready for the New Year.

Are you unsure if your business is safe? Contact us today and we would love to conduct a security assessment on your systems.

1. Your anti-virus license may be inactive

43% of businesses experienced a cyber attack in the past 2 years, with many unable to recover, (MailGuard, 2019). Without an active anti-virus your business is at serious risk of infection. Are you confident your license is still active and working?

Is your antivirus working?

2. Your internet connection isn’t stopping trojans or worms

Our IT Assessment will thoroughly check whether your firewall is correctly configured and stopping viruses from entering your network, systems and data. Put simply, all businesses need a good bouncer at the front door of your Internet connection to decide who and what can and can’t come in.

3. If you lost important data today, are you confident it’s retrievable?

We meet many companies that are convinced they have a backup, only to find out too late that it wasn’t working for some reason. During the assessment we will investigate exactly how much of your data is backed up to the cloud and if any is backed up to an off-site location and how often.


itro Managed Detect & Respond

4. Your password policies could be out-of-date

Implementing security policies on your network is vital. Additionally, we can configure your network to demand complex passwords from your users or enforce a password change periodically.

Passwords and cyber security
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