A common mistake costing Office 365 subscribers money

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A common mistake costing Office 365 subscribers money

Get your money’s worth

Subscription to Office 365 gives you so much more than access to Word, Excel and Outlook! Two additional tools we use every day at itro and highly recommend are:

  1. Microsoft Teams; and
  2. Skype for Business (Skype4B)

TEAMS: making team work easy

  • Teams gives you a common platform to communicate and share files.
  • Setting up a Team is easy: easy to create, easy to control, easy to manage. Just click a button. For example, some of the Teams we have at itro are internal (eg, Marketing), project specific (eg, New Product Development) and company-wide (Everyone).
  • Each Team can have as many sub-teams as you want (eg, at itro we have Marketing Team > Blog Posts).
  • Once you set up a Team (which can be added to or reduced anytime), everyone on that Team can message, add files or access files via SharePoint online. All with a mouse-click. Having such a simple to use, online sharing platform makes teamwork so easy.

We can help:

  • If you already have Office 365 but you’re not sure, or not confident, how to use Teams we can help. Give itro Service Desk a call on 1300 10 3000 now to organise a brief demonstration at your office.
  • If you don’t have Office 365, call us now on 1800 10 3000 so we can help you select the most suitable itro Support Plan with Office 365 for your needs.

SKYPE4B: connecting people, online, anywhere you have Internet

If you subscribe to Office 365 and third-party conferencing software, you can ‘de-clutter’ your software and save money now! Skype4B, included in Office 365, is all you need.

Skype4B is an incredibly powerful communication tool that connects professionals via voice call, video call, voice or video conferencing. And it shares content! It’s easy and economical to use, and can be installed on PC’s, Macs, laptops, Tablets, iPad/iPhones and Android Phones without the need for a desk phone.

We can help:

  • If you aren’t confident, or don’t know how to use Skype4B, you don’t need to wait for an itro engineer to come and give a demonstration. Jump online here to watch itro’s short videos on using Skype4B.

We’re here to help you. One way to do that is to help you understand how to get the most value from your Office 365 subscription. Tools included in the Suite remove the need to pay extra for ‘specialised’ software. If you suspect you’re doubling up on software fees, or not yet investigated the cost savings offered by itro’s three Support Plans including Office 365, please call us now on 1800 10 3000 or send an email to [email protected] so we can help.

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