Is Your Business Cyber Smart?

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Is Your Business Cyber Smart?

5 steps to protect your business from data theft by being cyber smart

With the end of year edging closer, it’s a great time to review and improve your online habits. Adopt these five effective measures and protect your business against malicious cyber-attacks:

1. Implement password policies

Is your password a generic word followed by a number? This is not an effective password. Proper password practices can stop a CryptoLocker in its tracks. Check out the top 20 passwords for 2018 so far.

2. Restart your machine daily & keep up with software updates

Restarting, also known as rebooting, your computer is the magical remedy every PC needs once a day. It is also important to ensure your devices are patched and up to date. This is part of all itro Support Plans.

3. Stop it from reaching your ‘front door’

Ransomware threats are often spread via email so use a Cloud-based email filtering service to detect the threat before it arrives at your network. itro Mail Scan powered by MailGuard is our preferred Cloud-based Email Protection Service.

4.  Don’t let it through your ‘front door’

Educate your team to be cautious about opening attachments and clicking on links. Remember, the Internet is a doorway to your systems and data!

Have a firewall that supports deep level content inspection to prevent viruses entering your network.

5. Perform regular backups 

Securely backing-up your data is vital in the case of infection or loss of data.  Our solution, Secure Backup Recovery (SBR), includes two layers of backup protection:

  • Onsite backup for quick recovery under most circumstances and;
  • Offsite storage of your data for recovery in a disaster

Are you unsure if your business is safe? Want to know more about how your business can be cyber smart?

Contact us today on 1800 10 3000 or email us at [email protected] for your FREE IT assessment!

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