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Key thoughts about the cloud:
  • Cloud solutions are rarely independent
  • Be cautious of Practice Management software claiming to be ‘all inclusive’.
  • Protect control of your Firm’s technology

Subscribing to cloud-based software can benefit your Practice through:

  • reducing capital expenditure;
  • access to the most up-to-date software, today and tomorrow;
  • reducing complexities connecting a remote or dispersed workforce; and
  • reducing monthly bill shock.

Such indisputable benefits make selling online services easy. A monthly subscription secures your Firm access to required infrastructure and/or software in the cloud. It can also have the added benefit of transferring responsibility of maintaining physical IT systems to your providers.

However, online services do not necessarily void your need for on-premises hardware.

The cloud is rarely independent
Example, practice management software (PMS)

PMS is perfect platform for managing online precedents and storing documents for client matters. However, one does not yet exist that is an all-in-one solution… online or off-the-shelf. Day-to-day activities, such as printing, storing files unrelated to case matters, network security and managing user logins, to name a few, still require on-premises servers.

We have worked with Practice Managers who were surprised to learn their new PMS subscription was not an all-in-one solution, and not happy to learn they would still need to purchase or continue using their on-premises server to cover key operational requirements.

itro is ‘safe hands’ for Legal Firms
  • Our job is not to control, but to help you manage what software you use!
  • Find out if a vendor is under or overselling infrastructure needed to use their software before you buy.

Independent advice

Our job is not to control what software your Firm uses! Because we are fully independent, we proudly give you the flexibility to choose the best engagement options to suit your operational needs, with no lock in contracts.

Outsmart sales jargon

itro can help you discover what PMS options are available, or you can choose to loop us in once you have a ‘short list’. Because we understand technical specifications, we know instantly if a vendor is under or overselling what infrastructure you will need to operate an app or service.

itro prides itself on being transparent and values long-term relationships. You can check out our Plans and Pricing here. Legal references can be supplied on request.

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