The Best Ways To Deal With Cybercrime In 2019

Cyber crime

The Best Ways To Deal With Cybercrime In 2019

It’s not hackers or sophisticated attacks that worry our engineers. We asked them two questions to get to the bottom on why cybercrime is terrorising business, and their answers have a disconcerting consistency.

1. What annoys/frustrates you the most about cyber crime?


“Most cyber crimes are preventable.”

~ Simon – Technical Engineer

How successful they are, and how simple they are to stop.”
~ Gordon -Technical Engineer


“It’s completely avoidable!”
~ Nathan – Director


“People are too trusting and often hand over secure information far too easily!”

“The average person is oblivious to the threats they are open to in the cyber world. For example, a person thinks, “I am on my PC in my own home, so I am safe””.
~ Steve – Technical Engineer


2. So, what’s your top tip to for dealing with cyber crime?


Speak to your IT support if you notice anything suspicious.”

~ Simon – Technical Engineer


Have a backup of critical data!”
“Be vigilant, guard your information as you would your children.”
“Set secure passwords to all online services.”

~ Steve – Technical Engineer


Don’t assume you’re OK or that your provider is giving you the right advice.” ~ Nathan – Director

Training! Most of the recent breaches are targeted attacks called spear phishing. Using public information published on sites such as LinkedIn can tell attackers exactly who they need to target within an organisation. [The] information is combined with a multitude of methods to gain access to accounts of specific users or simply impersonate them using a technique called Spoofing. If proper safeguards are put in place, attacks at stopped at this stage.”
~ Gordon – Technical Engineer


Your Attitude Will Make or Break Your Security

It’s not hackers or sophisticated attacks undermining our security and destroying our data privacy – it’s attitude that makes or breaks our security.

Your attitude is the first step to take to block out cybercrime. Having the right focus and the right team look after your security is vital to protecting your data privacy and network security.

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