Third copies are for data heroes

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Third copies are for data heroes

How to cover your butt and shine when disaster hits

Sick of hearing about data security? Whilst annoying, data attacks are not going away. And when data gets stolen, or lost, priority #1 never changes. It is always, GET YOUR DATA BACK! ASAP!

  • What would you do if you found out your business had been hacked?
  • More importantly, who would you need to call and report the matter to within your Business? (IMPORTANT: All data breaches MUST be reported to the Australian Privacy Commissioner immediately!)

The person who can say, “no worries, we’ve got a third copy”, saves not just data. They become the hero!

Our job is help you and your IT look good

itro helps small businesses maintain safe, compliant IT environments through our outsourced, local team of IT engineers. In operation since 1999, we have seen extraordinary changes in measures businesses need to take protect their systems and data. Although we have previously been flexible to individual requests around levels of security, we are now uncompromising on implementing essential levels of IT security for our clients. Having a third copy is now an essential level of security for business data.

itro can save your data to an independent location separate from your premises or backup tapes, locked down and daily updated by our team of engineers. Your data is insured against malicious attack or disaster, as is your peace of mind.

Our job is to make you look good! If you would like to get independent advice on backup solutions suited to small business, please call me directly on 1800 10 3000, or email me at nw@itro.com.au. Or check us out at www.itro.com.au

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