10 Cyber Security Tactics You Should Already Be Doing!

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Cyber Security

10 Cyber Security Tactics You Should Already Be Doing!

1. Pay Attention

Be aware and take note of the warnings your browser is flashing in your face. This is a massive indicator that something is going wrong.

2. Unique Password

Have a different, unique password for every account. The uniqueness and complexity of your password makes it even harder for someone to hack your accounts.

3. Even Your Spouse Shouldn’t Guess It

Make your password so difficult that not even your significant other could guess your password. This mentality should be implemented into all your passwords.

4. Do Not Click Links

Don’t click on any links that arrive in an unsolicited email, no matter what! Foreign links are the perfect gateway for hackers to steal your data if you think you are entering your credentials into a legitimate website.

5. Keep Business And Personal Separate

Keeping your business accounts separate from your personal accounts adds an extra level of security top your data. This ensures that if your personal account gets hacked, you won’t have any business data or information available to be stolen.

6. Change Up Your Password

It doesn’t hurt to change your password as often as every 90 days. By changing your password often you are decreasing the chance that someone could hack your account. If you are doing this, ensure that you aren’t re-using old passwords, always make completely new ones.

7. Sticky Notes Are A No Go

Don’t sticky note all your passwords onto your monitor. You never know who could be walking past your computer in the office that could potential have bad intentions and hack into your accounts.

8. LastPass or 1Password Is Your Saviour

Struggling to remember all your unique, strong passwords? Using programs such as LastPass or 1Password are great, secure tools to store your passwords so you aren’t leaving sticky notes all over the place.

9. Keep Software Up-To-Date

Ensuring that you keep all your security software systems up-to-date will keep your computers secure and will help prevent a malicious attack or hack.

10. Backup Backup Backup!

Always backup your computer and settings often! Having a secure backup system in place is one of the best tactics you could implement in your business. Check out some of our secure back up system options that could greatly benefit your security.

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