Antivirus and Cyber Security

Layered cyber security is a must for SMEs and Firms

Antivirus and Cyber Security

Is antivirus all I need for cyber security?
Is it OK to not have antivirus?

What is antivirus? It’s software designed to detect and destroy computer viruses delivered online to your devices. Many users and business owners believe that antivirus is the only layer of cyber security needed to protect their devices from cyber threats. However the landscape of cyber security has changed, impacting the ability antivirus has to protect your SME or Firm from cyber attack.

In preparing to write my article on antivirus and its role in cyber security, I came across this quote: “An antivirus is your final layer of protection … there’s no good reason not to run an antivirus on Windows.”  True, there is no good reason to not have antivirus but it is by no means your definitive, or final, layer of protection. This quote gives you a limited perspective of what role/layer antivirus plays in cyber security and protecting your devices from cyber threats.

Is antivirus worth having? Yes, absolutely! Is antivirus all you need to protect your computer and devices against cyber threats? No! Definitely not!

Once upon a time, having antivirus was all you needed to deter the occasional scam or attempt to infiltrate your device and hurt your business operations. But the landscape of cyber security has changed. Please understand this – if you are relying solely on antivirus to protect your devices, your cyber security is compromised.

Why antivirus is not enough to protect your devices

Antivirus on its own cannot protect your device from cyber threats, and that comes down to how antivirus is designed to work. Antivirus blocks cyber-attacks by recognising file patterns of known threats and viruses and deleting them. However the speed at which new cyber threats are being released means antivirus is always playing ‘catch up’. Devices relying on antivirus for security have no protection against newly released cyber threats.

Your internet-enabled devices need layered security measures to be protected from cyber threats and attacks. Each layer plays a different role in keeping your device and business safe from cyber threats. As of 2021, the minimum layers Managed Service Provider itro highly recommends for effective cyber security are:

  1. Antivirus
  2. Multifactor Authentication (MFA/2FA); and
  3. Endpoint Protection.

Why layered security measures are so important

A major factor in the rise of cybercrime has come from our reliance on internet enabled devices.

Devices with internet capability are two-edged swords for businesses and Firms. Whenever you go online you open a two-way ‘door’ between your device and the internet. Without layered security measures, working online is akin to leaving the front door to your house or office open. You can come and go whenever you want – as can anyone else.

Image you live in a high crime area and want to go on holiday. Which of the below 3 security measures for your house (representing your device) would make you feel the most secure?


Layered cyber security is a must for SMEs and Firms

Layered cyber security is a must for SMEs and Firms

Antivirus only protects you from known, identified cyber threats;
MFA gives you the security of reactive protection for your online accounts; and
itro Endpoint Protection gives you proactive 24/7 monitored security that works wherever you use your device.

Only layered cyber security measures protect you from cyber threats. If you don’t yet have layered security measures on your devices, please call Managed Service Provider itro now on 1800 10 3000 to find out how our engineers will protect your devices and business.

To learn more about multifactor authentication (MFA/2FA) and how it protects your online accounts and apps, please read my article, ‘Why multi-factor authentication is a must for your cyber security!’

To learn more about how itro Endpoint Protection protects your device wherever you work, please read my article, ‘Only itro Endpoint Protection keeps you cyber safe 24-7’.

To see itro’s published Managed Support Plans and pricing, please visit our website page Plan Pricing.

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