Is Windows 10 Really a Win-Win For You?

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Is Windows 10 Really a Win-Win For You?

Win-win with Windows 10 – is it possible?

Short answer: yes. How?

1. WIN – Microsoft wants you to love Windows 10 (their market share, and profits, depend on it!), so they’re pumping new Deployment (device set up), Servicing and SECURITY features into their latest OS. (I’ve included a brief overview of impending releases for you further down in this article under sub-heading, ‘Cool new tech tools’.)

Maybe you’re not fussed about tech tools but, believe me, with the ridiculous explosion in cyber-crime you really need Microsoft’s sharpest minds working on protecting your devices, which you get when you upgrade to Windows 10!

2. WIN – The Federal government’s ‘instant asset write-off’ threshold for small business has increased to $30,000 and it’s now available up to 30 June 2020. Now is a good time to talk to your Accountant or financial adviser about the best way for your business to take advantage of this opportunity.

And then there’s your win-win-win option:

3. WIN – We want you to upgrade, too. itro engineers feel a lot less worried when our clients respect the benefits of having up-to-date security protect their devices and systems. Call Hamish Patterson (direct t: 8419 0008), tell him you’ve read this article and ready to upgrade and he’ll do everything he can to cajole our suppliers to give you extra special bulk-buy prices. We can also organise financing options for you, if required.

For more context around why it’s worth updating, and why whatever decision you make, software will cost your business money, please read on…

Why Microsoft (and itro) want you to upgrade to Windows 10

Remember when ‘death and taxes’ were the only constants in life? Now we have software upgrades, price hikes and security issues added to our costs of doing business. It’s led to what I call UCF – ‘Upgrade Cost Fatigue’.

Perhaps that’s why many businesses have been ignoring Microsoft’s pleas to update to Windows 10, choosing instead to stick with what they have. It’s been almost four years since Windows 10 was released (July 2015), yet uptake of the new OS has been slow.

What about you? Is your team still using devices with XP, Windows 7 or 8 (we’ll ignore Vista, which was universally hated and rejected)?

Why change if what you have if it still works, right?

I’d love to say, “yes” (one less cost for businesses, and one less thing on my list to write about) but, sadly, that’s not the case with Operating Systems, whether you use Microsoft, Apple or some other platform.

Our Internet-age of connected devices (‘IoT’) and social media has inadvertently opened Pandora’s box to the uglies of cyber-crime. If your business has Internet and email, it’s a target! Devices with outdated or obsolete OS become easy gateways for malicious attacks. Because of this, any software developer not constantly working on upgrading defenses in their operating systems is exposing your business to unacceptable risks. (And, yes, there’s also the element of software developers generating new revenue streams, but that’s what business is all about.)

When you upgrade to Windows 10, you get Microsoft’s proactive commitment to and monitoring of your devices’ OS security. However, if you have devices with Windows XP or Vista, you have no protection. And devices with Windows 7 or 8 will stop receiving any updates or technical support from Microsoft as of January 2020 (which is not even seven months away!)

So, premium OME security features are one way you ‘win’ by upgrading to Windows 10.

$30K Asset Write-Off Threshold

One of the few bona fide ways your business can claim back from the Australian Taxation Office. It’s a good idea to get your Accountant’s advice on tax implications and timing before making big purchases. You can also get practical, non-proprietary advice from the Australian Government from ATO’s website on Instant Asset Write-Offs.

If you able to upgrade, please call itro on 1800 10 3000 or email [email protected] to see what pricing and/or financing options we can give you.

Cool new tech tools

With predictions the linking of physical and digital worlds through the ‘IoT’ will generate $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025, Microsoft is excited and determined to gain as much of that market share as possible. But they know from bitter experience this will only happen if they give us the tools we want/need to be competitive in evolving markets. Updates about to be released for Windows 10 show how serious Microsoft is about delivering cool new tech tools to support their clients’ digital growth.

Imminent Windows 10 updates include:

  • Giving you control over when big updates can be pushed out onto your device
  • Ability to pause updates
  • CPU speed optimisations
  • Reserving inbuilt storage on devices to ensure updates always install properly
  • The ability to run software in an isolated environment concurrent to your desktop (aptly called, ‘Windows Sandbox’) that won’t affect your device’s OS and deletes all software and files you’re opened in your sandbox once you close it down.

Perfect for trialing new software without worrying you’ll accidently cause a cataclysmic fail or deletion to your device or data saved on your device.

You can find out all the details of changes about to be released for Windows 10 on Microsoft’s Windows IT Pro Centre website.

Cause: Yes, UpgradeEffectCause: No Upgrade
New devices

$ Money

IMP: Whatever decision you make, it will cost you money

 Ageing devices
  •  Cost of purchase

Hidden costs:

  • lost time from slow devices
  • increased servicing costs of maintaining old devices
 OME Security Updates Proactive Security OME Security Updates
  • Included on all Windows 10 devices.
  • Proactive upgrades developed by Microsoft, managed by itro
  • Windows XP – no
  • Windows Vista – no
  • Windows 7/8 – yes, but all tech support ends January 2020.
Digital transformationSimple, powerful toolsDigital transformation
  • Allows your business to fully leverage opportunities made available through digital technologies.
  • Software developers are in a race with each other to deliver new innovations and creative ways to connect teams, devices and markets through new technologies. Ageing devices are quickly becoming incompatible with new technologies.

If you have any questions – about Windows 10, Office 365 or if you have concerns that your team and not getting the full benefit from your Microsoft subscriptions – please ring itro on 1800 10 3000 or email [email protected] for more information.

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