Watch out for the latest email scams this week!

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Watch out for the latest email scams this week!

Watch out for the Most Recent Phishing Emails

Phishing and scam artists are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their impersonations of major Australian brands. This week they are posing as Origin Energy, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Virgin Media. 

1. Origin Energy Scam

An enormous distribution of fake Origin Energy invoices containing malware are continuing to be sent to Australians. MailGuard conservatively estimates “the email has been directed to a quarter of Australian companies – posing a risk to business systems if employees are convinced to click the malicious link.”

Below is the well-executed attempt:

2. ATO Scam 

Last week a well-formatted penalty notice from the ATO was sent. This week scammers are impersonating the ATO with a well-timed, given the impending October 31 deadline for tax lodgments, about a tax refund form. The most alarming part of this email is the sender is forging the domain ato.com, a legitimate domain. See below: 

3. Virgin Media 

Well-formatted emails have been arriving in Australian email boxes impersonating Virgin Media. The email is a bill scam with perfect formatting and branding. Clicking this link will direct you to a compromised SharePoint site with a ZIP file containing malicious JaveScript Files. 

itro urges email users to be careful what they click especially if they are uncertain about email legitimacy.

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